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    General tips:
    --You may search through one, two, or all three formats (CD-ROM, Newsletter, Looseleaf) at once. If you do not mark any, all three will be searched.
    --To help you know which Subjects to search for, look at the Subjects assigned to the results (at the bottom of each entry screen) and search by Subject in Search Option #2. Simply type in the Subject exactly as it appears in the entry and you will pull up all the entries that have that Subject assigned to them. Be careful when searching by Subject across three formats as there are slight variations in the Subject headings used in each database.
    --To search for the term United States, spell it out.

    Search Option #1

    This option is very versatile and can be used for all kinds of boolean searches, using the connectors and,  or,  not.  Search terms may be truncated with an asterisk *.
    To search for an exact phrase, you must put the phrase in quotation marks. For example, searching the term "available on web" will bring results from all three formats of titles that are full-text on the web. Always put the exact phrase in quotation marks AT THE BEGINNING of the search statement, followed by the rest of the search terms.

    Sample search:  If you are trying to find any publication dealing with court decisions that is also full-text on the web, search

    "available on web" and "court decisions"

    Both phrases must be in quotes or else the system will search for each word as if it was an "or" search.

    Sample search:  To find titles that deal with employment other than public employment search for

    employment not public

    To broaden the search results, try

    employ*  not public

    Sample search:  To find a newsletter published by Bloomberg that comes out 12x/yr. and is on the Internet and deals with payroll, search

    "available on web" and Bloomberg and 12x/yr. and payroll

    Sample search: To search for a newsletter that deals with environmental law AND accepts advertising, search

    "environmental law" and adv

    Sample search: To search for a CD-ROM that reports statutes and uses Adobe Acrobat, search

    "adobe acrobat" and statutes

    Search Option #2

    This option searches through either the Title, the Publisher,  or the Subject fields in each format.  Search for any words in either of the three searched fields.

    Sample search: To find all the publications published by Aspen,
    choose the Publisher field and type in Aspen  

    Sample search: To find all the Titles with domestic relations in the title,
    choose the Title field and type in domestic relations

    Sample search: To search the Subject field for estate planning
    choose the subject field and type in estate planning
    To limit the results to estate planning in California,
    type in  estate planning - california
    To search for any geographical location, follow the same format (as in Taxation  - New York, Criminal procedure - Texas, etc.)

    Search option #2 is very precise and best suited to those searchers who are very familiar with the print books and their indexes, or who are trying to limit the results, and know exactly what they are seeking.

    Searchable fields:
    ALL fields are searched in all three formats (CD-ROM, Newsletter, and Looseleaf) with the following exceptions:
    --CD-ROM does not search price and number of discs
    --Looseleaf does not search number and price of volumes, and cost of supplementation

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