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SUBSCRIBERS' RAVES About The Electronic Publication
    "WOW! What a wonderful resource! Thank you so much for providing this service to ridiculously over-worked and time-challenged librarians!!"
    -law firm librarian

    "I just recently started receiving the Informed Librarian and like it very much. It's a great idea and a wonderful service. I think the idea of adding a search option would make the site much more accessible and is a great idea! Thanks for all your hard work!"
    -insurance company librarian

    "I think this is great. I've often wondered why there weren't real current awareness services for librarians."
    -university librarian

    "What a great SDI service you offer by email through The Informed Librarian. I'm able to unsubscribe from many other services now - a real time saver. Thanks!"
    -library consultant

    "Thanks to you about the new Informed Librarian. The very first issue I found several useful articles I otherwise would never have seen...
    -legal publishing company librarian.

    "I received the first issue of your new service The Informed Librarian and was very impressed. The scope and scale of publications you include is staggering. I could fill my work week just staying abreast of developments in our profession."
    -law firm librarian

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