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About LawTRIO Law Publications Database

LawTRIO is a fully searchable database of over 7,500 legal titles combined from three of our print directories. The titles come in three formats: looseleaf, newsletter, and CD-ROM.

Database Content
Looseleafs -   View Sample Entry
from LEGAL LOOSELEAFS IN PRINT. Looseleaf is defined as a book that consists of ring or post-bound binders, and implies interfiling of pages or sections. Coverage includes:
    -U.S.-published titles only (in English); no foreign-published materials
    -selected federal, state and local government publications
Omitted are:
    -sets of state statutes or regulations
    -free publications
    -titles for which there is no expectation or plan for supplementation
    -sets in which only the index volume or a minority of the volumes are in     binders
Newsletters -   View Sample Entry
from LEGAL NEWSLETTERS IN PRINT. Newsletter is defined very broadly and includes standard-type newsletters, bulletins, newsletter-reporting services, and reporting services that are used periodically and stored in looseleaf binders. These differ from looseleafs that require interfiling of pages.
Coverage includes:
    -U.S.-published titles only (in English); no foreign-published materials
    -free newsletters
    -fax newsletters
    -email newsletters
    -electronic web-based newsletters
Omitted are:
    -government newsletters
CD-ROMS -   View Sample Entry
Coverage includes:
    -English and foreign-language CD-ROMs, published anywhere in the world
    -free CD-ROMs
    -CD-ROMs that accompany books
    -selected government CD-ROMs

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