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DIRECTORY OF LAW-RELATED CD-ROMS 2011 - 2011 is the last print edition of the book. Beginning in 2012 the information is only available online, in the LawTRIO Law Publications Database on the web.

The ONLY directory that will guide you in the search for CD-ROMs, published in the U.S. and abroad, in ALL areas of law, legislation and regulation.


The directory provides detailed information on over 1,600 CD-ROMs by over 180 publishers. It is updated twice a year by LAW-RELATED CD-ROM UPDATE.

Law-Related CD-ROM Index Page available at the Legal Researcher's Zone free to subscribers.

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Editor: Arlene L. Eis
Frequency: Annual since 1993
Publication date: January of each year
Size/format: 8.5 x 11, perfectbound, 330p.
ISBN: 978-0-9842214-5-X
Price: $244
Standing orders: Accepted

Each Entry Includes

  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Distributor
  • Data provider
  • Search software
  • Compatible drives
  • Site licenses
  • Coverage dates
  • Description of contents
  • Cites to review
  • Minimum equipment specs.
  • Language
  • Updates
  • Toll-free support
  • Networks
  • Print equivalent
  • Price
  • No. of discs
  • If available on the Internet, with URL


  • Publisher/Distributor Index
  • Search Software Index
  • Internet Index
  • Subject Index
  • Index to Macintosh Products

Extra Benefits for Subscribers

Law-Related CD-ROM Update (ISSN 1065-9285)
    A newsletter update service to the DIRECTORY OF LAW-RELATED CD-ROMS. Published in Spring and Fall, it brings NEWS on legal CD-ROMs and full directory entries on NEW products. The UDPATES are available by EMAIL in addition to print. Only available to Directory subscribers. Price: $44/yr. (US/Canada), $54/yr. (foreign).
REVIEWERS' RAVES About This Publication
    "...the industry's lone effort to keep tabs on the field of legal-specific CD-ROMs...the best game in town..."
    Information Today

    "...this is a useful directory for any law library looking to build up their CD-ROM collection or establish an electronic law does list a great deal of products available in other jurisdictions."
    Managing Information

    "...a good starting point for someone new to the field of legal subscribing to the update service you would be kept informed throughout the year of any new products available."
    The Law Librarian

    "...hits the spot...user friendly...No matter how you approach the material, the answer is there..."
    Law Practice Management

    "This directory and its update service will make finding (the right product) and knowing what the alternatives are, much easier...a much needed publication...will prove useful in law libraries of all kinds. Highly recommended."
    Legal Information Alert

    "...regarded as the single most comprehensive source for coverage of Canadian and international legal materials on source for coverage..for the legal CD-ROMs...A useful addition for any law library, both as a search aid and collection development tool...very reasonably exceptionally good buy for Canadian law libraries."
    Canadian Law Libraries

    "As one of the few places to find this information, the Directory is likely to be a required purchase for any law librarian (whether in a firm or in a more public law library)."
    Law Office Economics & Management

    "The book a good place to start when looking for a CD-ROM on a particular topic, and we always find listings for products previously unknown to us."
    Legal Times User Friendly column

    "Eis' directory should be purchased or consulted when considering a CD-ROM subscription or purchase."
    Law Practice Management

    "Perhaps the best resource on CD-ROM for the legal profession is with the Directory of Law-Related CD-ROMS..."
    Law Office Automator

    1995 Readers' Interest Awards of Law Technology Product News - Awarded #1

    "This is a valuable guide and should serve non-law collections very well too." 

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